Hidalgo ISD seniors follow pathway to a variety of career options, including pharmacology!

     Hidalgo ISD’ Early College High School takes the initiative to incorporate a diverse range of career opportunities for students, preparing them for a higher education.
     As the school year comes to an end, seniors are not only graduating with honors, and/or top of their class, but also graduating with certifications that offer a variety of pathways. One of them being the Pharmacology course, a course specifically for seniors that have taken the Health Science Therapeutic Pathway.
     “This program of study includes an introduction to opportunities of treatment and help build or restore daily living skills,” said Erica Alvarez, educator and head of Career and Technician Education (CTE), and Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).
     The following seniors: Airam Pozos, Jacqueline Chapa, Raul Sedas IV, Aaliyah Coronado, and Leonardo Ruiz-Gutierrez passed the EXCPT, the exam for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians that qualified them to become Certified Pharmacy Technicians.
     The students had to take several courses to reach the end goal of Pharmacology. The courses consisted of Principles of Health Science, Pharmacy I and/or Medical Terminology, Pharmacy II and/or Health Science Theory, and lastly Pharmacology.
     “This program prepared us to be Pharmacy technicians, in which we graduate with a certification through National HealthCareer Association (NHA),” explained Coronado. “This course really helped me feel as if I have a secured plan after High School, and I really appreciate my teachers and Hidalgo ISD for these opportunities.”
     High school years are crucial times for students to explore various career paths. Introducing pharmacy as a potential career option exposes students to a field that combines science, healthcare, and patient interaction. By learning about pharmacy early on, students can make informed decisions about their future academic and career pursuits.
     “This year we’ve had a great turn out being that we’ve had the biggest number of pharmacy students that have been certified since I have been teaching here, at Hidalgo Early College High School,” expressed Alvarez. “I loved the enthusiasm the students have demonstrated throughout the years, and their willingness in wanting to pass the exam.”
     At Hidalgo Early College High School (HECHS) Health Science Programs are drastically growing, emphasizing the growth of future healthcare professionals. By incorporating pharmacy-related topics into high school curricula, educators can help prepare students for success in both their personal and professional lives.
     HECHS takes pride in preparing students with comprehensive knowledge, patient-centered skills, and a commitment to lifelong learning. The Pharmacy course sets the foundation for a brighter future.
     “I’m grateful to my teachers and Hidalgo ISD for helping me earned my Pharmacy Technician certification, it’s a huge accomplishment!” exclaimed Ruiz-Gutierrez. “This course has helped me better understand the fundamentals of pharmacy and has better prepare me for my future.”