Hidalgo ISD Early College High AP program recognizes five scholars!

     Hidalgo ISD’s Early College High School (HECHS) Advanced Placement (AP) program recognized senior, Airam Pozos and four former scholars; Yazmin Cepeda, Kimberly Correa, Juventud Guerrero, Kathy De los Santos who passed with honors and took multiple AP classes during their high school career, while earning college credits.
     Hidalgo ISD’ Early College High School integrated the AP program to give students the necessary preparations to pursue college-level studies while in high school.
     The upward educational journey at Hidalgo Independent School District continues to move forward focusing on College and Career Readiness by implementing the best programs / courses for all students.
     The course offers a rigorous academic curriculum that’s available to all students. “The program is very challenging, with rigorous coursework, but can be done through hard work and determination,” said Yazmin Cepeda, HECHS former student, class of 2022.
     Cepeda is currently attending Texas A&M University and what she valued most about being a student at HECHS was the remarkable educational opportunities that were offered to her.
    “The one thing I value most about Hidalgo ISD my education was the opportunity I had to earn my associate degree, and earn AP credit,” explained Cepeda. “It has helped me tremendously in being ahead in my classes at Texas A&M.”
     At Hidalgo Early College High School, students take the AP exams at no cost. The district covers all fees, all costs for the students enrolled.
     The students may grant placement and course credit if they obtain a qualifying score of 3 or higher on their exams.
     The AP exams begin on the first Monday in May. Students may begin testing their freshman year in high school to prepare for those college rigorous courses.
     “I’ve been in the AP program since my freshman year,” said senior, Airam Pozos. “The AP Program is a nationally recognized program that has challenged and pushed me to the next level.”
     Pozos plans to pursue her education in medicine. She hopes to become a general doctor and get accepted into the University of Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) medicine (M.D. program. In the future she plans to come back to Hidalgo and open her own practice while advising and teaching other students about the AP program.
     “I’m always interested in learning more,” added Pozos. “My family has a long history of cancer, and I would like to go into research about that, and finding a cure is a grand goal of mine along with opening my own clinic.”
     Moreover, the AP Spanish language has also been extremely successful, here at Hidalgo ISD.
     “The biggest program here at HECHS is the Spanish program, serving the entire student body,” explained Ana Zapata, AP Spanish teacher. “It’s one of the highest testing exams that we offer, we have over a hundred students every year testing for the Spanish AP exam.”
     Students can obtain a minor in college by taking two Spanish AP classes. “That alone is already a huge advantage,” added Zapata.
     “That’s how we like to also promote the program by letting the students know that by taking these classes they already have the advantage of going into a university with college hours and at no cost.”