Six Hidalgo Early College High seniors complete CNA program!

CNA       Hidalgo ISD’s Early College High School graduated six upcoming seniors from the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program on Aug. 12. Graduates were Dora Valera, Aisha Cuellar, Joel Cuellar, Citlaly Alvarez, Selene Hernandez, and Mia Vera.  

     For the past four years Hidalgo Early College High School (HECHS) has offered the CNA program to help students develop the necessary skills they need within a range of medical and healthcare settings.  

     Hidalgo ISD worked in conjunction with Region One and Rio Grande Valley College (RGV) where the students had the opportunity to learn in a classroom setting and gained confidence in their ability to further pursue a career in the medical field.  

     “This program was a once in a lifetime experience for me because it taught me so much about the medical field,” said senior, Mia Vera. “It helped us determined whether we’d like to continue to pursue a career in the healthcare.”   

     Gaining hands on experiences, while acquiring skills that lead straight to employment are all part of HECHS CNA program.  

     “In the healthcare system, students must have all the skills down by the time they get employed somewhere,” said Alberto Alonzo, HECHS Health Science-Technology educator.   “We’re trying to prepare the students by getting them to be successful in the future by offering the necessary training and skills by the time they graduate.”  

     The CNA program consisted of six weeks, including an extra week to review and study for the state exam. Additionally, it’s required for the students to maintain a 78 average to stay in the program.  

     The students utilized this opportunity to establish some experience in the health care field and continue to learn on the job, and in a formal classroom setting.  

     Judith Dimas, Director of Career, and Technology and Early College High School is proud of the students’ efforts and sacrifices that were put forth into attending class every day and completing the CNA program. “I am very proud of the students who completed the CNA program,” Dimas explained. “I am confident they will succeed in whatever they decide to do in the future.”   

     Aside from perfect attendance and no tardies, students demonstrated loyalty, friendship, teamwork, and commitment as they motivated one another throughout the course of the program.  

     “My CNA experience was challenging, yet very fun because my friends were there to support me and help in anything I needed,” explained senior Dora Aimee Valera.   

     Moreover, the district is continually seeking ways to create opportunities and inspire students to achieve their goals.  

     “I am very proud of the students who completed the CNA program considering they gave up most of their summer to enroll on what was their first step into the medical field,” concluded Alonzo.