Giving is not just about making a Donation, it's about making a difference!

               monitor storyThe medical club students from Hidalgo Early College High School were inspired to donate toiletries to the Mujeres Unidas/Women Together shelter located in McAllen, TX. Mujeres Unidas is an organization that renders their services to victims/survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. It provides a safe refuge and supportive services to those individuals; women, men, and children seeking for a safe and comfortable environment.   

                     “We do community awareness on different topics every month that coincides with the six weeks,” explains Erica Alvarez, Hidalgo Early College High School educator and sponsor of the medical club. “This gives students the opportunity to come together and donate items to the organization we are working with that month. In this case, Mujeres Unidas was the organization we felt the need to donate to due to the domestic violence that affected our community tremendously.” The medical club officers come up with the idea of who in the community needs their support based on the type of awareness their working on that month. However, due to the case that left Hidalgo, TX speechless, the students were quick to help Mujeres Unidas by donating toiletries. “We donated these toiletries out of our own pockets and goodwill. Getting involved with the community has been such was a humbling experience to say the least,” said senior, Lucero Cantu, President of the medical club.

                The students decided to donate toiletries because is something that’s essential to maintaining good health. Good hygiene can boost confidence and self-esteem. “Good hygiene is something that we cannot take for granted. It helps us feel good about ourselves!” exclaims senior, Iracema Orozco, member of the medical club. In addition, having good hygiene can decrease stress levels and improve one’s mood. “Donating these items to Mujeres Unidas was the least we could do for these victims that have already endured so much,” adds Orozco. Furthermore, bringing toiletry items was a unanimous decision amongst the members of the club. Toiletries are necessary for everyday use, and it will most definitely benefit these individuals.

                Donating to the causes these medical club students care about will not only benefit the charities themselves, but it will also be extremely rewarding for the students as well. “Donating to Mujeres Unidas or any charity is particularly gratifying,” said Cantu. “Giving to charity makes us feel good and it teaches us humility and the importance of generosity. Moreover, giving to those in need will also encourage our friends and family members to so the same.” The medical club has taught these students humility, leadership and responsibility.      

monitor story

The Medical Club is an organization that offers students the opportunity to explore the medical field, all while learning about the health care occupations. Along with Ms. Alvarez, the medical club encourages students to be creative, innovative, and be inspired to take on opportunities to serve the community. “It’s our club’s goal to give back to the community,” said senior, Amara Pena, member of the medical club. “Learning about Mujeres Unidas has helped us understand and appreciate others’ diverse lives and upbringings under a distinctive circumstance.” Volunteering is a great away to connect with the community. Not only do these students gain experiences and new opportunities, but it also helps them stay connected with the community and their needs. The medical club members take pride in their community service projects. They’re proactive and acknowledge others’ needs and are quick to render their services. The best volunteer opportunities for these students are the ones that they love and make the most out of the experience.